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When embarking on a new training program, we begin with a comprehensive consultation to establish mutual understanding and assess your current commitments. This enables us to manage the program more effectively and tailor it to align with your unique circumstances.


Subsequently, we conduct various assessments, such as an exercise test and body composition measurements, to precisely determine the optimal direction for your training.



INSCYD testing takes into account, and connect to one another, the most important metrics for training purposes:


  • VO2max

  • Anaerobic threshold

  • Lactate accumulation and recovery

  • Fat and carbohydrates combustion

  • Recovery

  • VLamax (or glycolytic capacity)


Each of the above metrics measured by INSCYD is critical to performance and remember, each sport performance is predictable and can be broken down to these fundamental elements. 


Take VLamax, for example. Although you might have never heard of it, VLamax. It is the single most important measurement to enhance your performance. VLamax is the maximum production of lactic acid in your blood and gives you a complete understanding of your anaerobic metabolism (which yes, is crucial in endurance events too).


To find out more details about the testing click here

Body Composition

This Tracking your body composition is important factor for wellbeing and performances. By taking skinfold measurements and weight can determine a performance range you best perform in so that for future references we can look back and historical data and make informed judgments for where you should be.



  • Exercise program designed around your lifestyle to get the most out of yourself and help you achieve your goals

  • Extensive analysis planning using INSCYD Data

  • Unlimited contact and program Adjustments

  • AZUM Premium Account

  • All testing included in the price and initial tests are included in the price 

€160 per month


  • Exercise program designed around your lifestyle to get the most out of yourself and help you achieve your goals

  • 20% discount on INSCYD testing 

  • Extensive analysis 

  • Fortnightly catch-up 

  • AZUM Premium account


€80 per month + €140 initial analysis 



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